Kindergarten Flooring manufacturers

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Kindergarten Flooring manufacturers

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Kindergarten Vinyl Flooring Introduction
Vinyl flooring is a new type of resilient flooring in the market, with the content of PVC and limestone, act as a cost efficient substitute to natural floors such as wood, concrete, ceramic and marble.
People usually using click system vinyl flooring for their stations, offices, malls and buildings. This is probably because vinyl floors are healthy ,easy to install and easy to maintain as well as comfortable to walk on.
PVC Floor Features of Kindergarten Vinyl Flooring
1.Ultra-light ultra-thin
Our floor is only 1.6mm~3mm, only 8kg per square meter.
2.Super wear-resistant super anti-skid
PVC floor surface with a special processing of transparent wear-resistant layer to ensure that the ground material of the excellent wear resistance, under normal circumstances can be used 5 - 10 years, wear-resistant layer has a special slip.
3.High elasticity and super resistance
Texture is so soft so good elasticity, under the impact of heavy objects have a good elastic recovery,
4.Fire retardant
Qualified PVC floor fire safety indicators up to B1 level, second only to stone. PVC flooring itself does not burn and can prevent burning.
5.Waterproof and moisture
PVC flooring as the main component is vinyl resin, so not afraid of water.
6.Sound-proof and noise-proof
PVC floor than the average floor has a more powerful sound-absorbing effect.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring
1.Durability :PVC vinyl flooring is one of the most durable flooring types available .It is commonly installed in places that usually receive high footfall.
2.Inexpensive: It is also less expensive that many other flooring types.
3.Easy Installation: PVC vinyl flooring can be installed easily without any the help of a professional .There are also different methods of installation depending on the type of vinyl flooring you have chosen.
4.Easy Maintenance: PVC floors are the easiest to clean because these tiles come with various coating which protect the floor from stains, moisture and fading.
5.Anti-static: Certain variations of vinyl floors have anti static properties which means you are safe from static current passing from the floor.
6.Aesthetics: With PVC flooring tiles you could create beautiful patterns and enhance the appearance of your home and office.
Company advantage
1.Quick delivery and good service
3.Good quality of the products, Our products have CE certification
4.Strict quality control, The quality of our products is assured, we have established a complete quality control system.
5.Provide the accessory, save the customer time
6.Produce and market all by ourselves ,Price preference
7.For the sake of customers, strive for excellent.
Why choose Us
1.Flexibility of design options-Tengfang vinyl floors is available in a large variety colors and styles .It is also possible to get custom designs created for a particular flooring pattern like firm logos etc.
2.Resilience-reduces noise and provides underfoot comfort
3.Durability-Tengfang vinyl floors are very durable and maintains its characteristics under heavy foot traffic and use. It is moisture and stain resistance ,so spills can be easily removed.
4.Water resistant-a good choice for kitchen, bathroom ,laundry and mudroom.
5.Bio-based plasticizer in made from 100% organic raw materials.

Kindergarten Flooring manufacturers
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