Customized Led Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

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Customized Led Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

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Our History:
Establish a partnership (1984-1990).
The predecessor of Delixi was "Yueqing County Switch Factory", which was founded by Hu Cheng zhong and his brother Hu Chengguo in July 1984. At that time, there were only 3 shareholders, 50,000 yuan of capital and 8 employees, and the product was single thermal relay, and the registered trademark was "Le Qiu". Hu Chengzhong, with the "quality win" management and flexible mechanisms, grasp the market, catch the technology, catch the quality, finally standing out in Wenzhou electric appliance industry.
The Second Stage
The management mode of the general plant of Delixi Industrial Co., Ltd. (1990-1994).
In 1990, the company was divided into two factories, and the company was independently operated after a year of transition. Hu Chengzhong in the operation of the second plant, at the same time founded the Yueqing Delixi Electronic Components Factory. In the spring of 1992, he introduced foreign capital and founded Sino-foreign Joint Venture Wenzhou Delixi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. After the speech of comrade Deng Xiaoping's south tour, Hu Chengzhong established Zhejiang Delixi Electric Appliance Industrial Co., Ltd in 1993, managed according to the general plant model.
The Third Stage
From general plant management mode to collectivization management mode (1994-1998).
In May 1994, Zhejiang Delixi Group Co., Ltd. was established as the first provincial joint-stock cooperative electric appliance enterprise group in Zhejiang province. In 1996, it was approved by the state administration for industry and commerce, and the enterprise was promoted to be a large township enterprise in China and no regional enterprise group in China.
The Fourth Stage
From single production operation mode to production&operation and capital operation interaction, economic structure mixed type, Diversification of industrial structure operation mode (1998 to 2009).
In 1998, Registered Shanghai Delixi Group Co., Ltd., in conjunction with Xi'an high voltage electrical apparatus research institute, to produce high voltage electrical appliances and complete sets of equipment. In 1999, actively participated in the reform of state-owned enterprises and merged with Hangzhou Xizi (group) company. In 2000, began to advance to Xinjiang and participated in the development of the western region. Merge many state-owned and built Dehui international plaza.
In 2003, Delixi formed an alliance with Beijing Wumei, Hebei Xin'ao and Anhui Nanxiang Group to form the Beijing Demei'aoxiang investment co., LTD, to build the "China logistics carrier". Delixi proceed recapitalization nationwide, product joint, develop big market, and improve technology. Break the ownership boundaries, formed the share cooperation, corporation and Non-public and state-owned mixed ownership economy.
The Fifth Stage
In January 2009, were allowed to set up China delixi group co., LTD., transfered the private funds, part of the wholly-owned, holdings, equity stake in asset classes and other forms of assets into Holding Group co., ltd. Thus, in the private enterprise, Delixi took the lead in becoming a large group of capital operation, brand operation and industrial operation
Our Factory
Hanzhou Delixi Group Co., Ltd is one of the three Delixi Group advanced manufacturing base, one of the largest instrument and electric power automation production base in China. The company includes seven leading industrial. The products include LED lighting, household electrical, watt-hour meter, inverter, three-way catalytic converter, automation, Welder machine.
Hangzhou Delixi Group Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou High&New Technology industrial Development Zone. It is a key and skeleton enterprise in China involved in research, production, and sales. It has possesses more than 1000 staffs, 2,800million assets, and it covers the area of more than 100,000 square meters. Hangzhou Delixi Group has passed ISO9001Quality Management System Authentication, ISO14001 Environment Management System Authentication. OHSAS18991 Professional Health and Safety Management System Authentication. Some of our products have obtained GS, CE, UL and CCC certificates.
The company has invested 4,200million to build up a 22 floors R&D mansion in Hangzhou, with the area of more than 85,000 square meters, and invested 2,500million to construct the technology park with area of more than 100,000 square meter in Zhuantang Industry Park.
Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are DELIXI's top priorities. Customers from at home and abroad are warmly welcome to visit our company.
Our Product
LED lighting, household electrical, watt-hour meter, inverter, three-way catalytic converter, automation, Welder machine.
Product Application:Industry and Household appliances
Our Certificate:ISO9000 ISO14001 ISO9001 OHSAS18991 GS, CE, UL and CCC
Production Equipment
Production Market
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, United Arab EmiratesCustomized Led Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

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Re: Customized Led Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

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