buy Awards Medal

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buy Awards Medal

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Cycling awards medal- wholesale
● This kind of medal, you can shape it any way, and we can make all the way perfect with the good quality mold, die-casting, polishing, electroplate, enamel or other color options
● We can’t make sure the cost is the lowest, what we are confident is: credit. There is no worry on your payment, production time, quality, we promise any defective pieces which caused by our carelessness in the production will be remade and shipped freely, certainly strict quality checking is a must in the production
● A bicycle race medal is an important way to remember an accomplishment. Or it can be an exciting motivation toward reaching a goal
●A cycling rewards medal as an eye-catching award, insignia, or collection piece, it is a glory ●A bicycle rewards make the biggest enrichments with its little encouragements, and this award can be used to create those enrichments

Listen to the customers what they are care about the quality
Sometimes, we survey other websites such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, checking some sellers on both of their positive and negative reviews, for the positive, if we found something good, we learn it, for the negative, if we have the same issue and something needs to be adjusted necessarily, we change right away
Most of the medals in the retail shops are light duty, poor polishing and plating finishing, thin ribbons with poor sublimation and sewing, we saw a review in a page, one grandfather buy gold medals to award to the grandchildren for games they are playing. He said he was disappointed that the ribbons were extremely wrinkled and even after ironing with starch they were still wrinkled! Glad that the 2yr and 4yr olds didn't notice! the medals were cute, the ribbons were a mess! Not only for children, some events for adult, they get cheap medals, just because the game and the result are not important? While we could say, even the medals are for little children, quality is also very important, it is an affirmation and encouragement from the adults and something inspires them for more interests, all of our medals made with heavy-duty material, size and weight based on the clients’ requirements, while the finishing is good, the ribbons are made of top grade polyester with good condition on both of hand feeling and usage, no wrinkle

Product description
● Item: Bicycle awards medal
● Material: Zinc Alloy
● Customized? Welcome
● Minimum order: 500 pieces
● Mold time: 7-10 days
● Production time: 15-20 days
● Workmanship: Die-casting, Gold Electroplating+ Soft Enamel
● Accessories: Sublimation ribbon/Nylon cord/Hemp cordbuy Awards Medal

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Re: buy Awards Medal

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