cheap Bakery Case

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cheap Bakery Case

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Glass door refrigerator can reach the preset temperature in only 45 minutes. We use durable insulation material to keep cooling the temperature difference between the preset and actual that is ± 1℃. We lay the temperature sensor at the fixed position to have the actual temperature on the display screen.

The humidity which is 75% is the standard of glass door refrigerator. A good glass door refrigerator must have the larger evaporator and superb insulation to keep the right humidity for the food.

Model: TT-MD124C
Temp.: 2~8℃
Capacity: 500L
Power: 1000W
Current: 4.76A
Refrigerant: R134A
Dimension: 1500×685×1400mm

1.Imported Italy brand EMBRCO compressor; imported Germany brand EBM;
2.R134a refrigerant, environmental friendly;
3.Insulating glass, isolating from the external temperature, better refrigeration effect, and more energy-saving;
4.Imported invisible thermal fuse with spacing distance not less than 50MM, which can remove the mist in the showcase effectively;
5.Well-designed, faster cooling than others;
6.Power supply, voltage, and frequency can be customized as required.

We also use silver electrode when welding the copper pipes on the compressor. We have sturdy thermostats which are top precision. We also have double layered vacuum glass that has excellent insulation that can avoid a small particle to go Bakery Case