Customized Dock Arm Crane

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Customized Dock Arm Crane

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Single Jib Harbor Portal Crane for Dock and Shipyard
Overview of Portal Crane
Portal crane has various applications, such as loading and unloading at port, materual handing at dockyard, ship building and repairing yard, metalluygy industry. The four link type portal crane jib crane is composed of frame, lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism, traveling mechanism, spreader device (grab, container spreader, hook), electrical equipment and other aiding devices for safety. The applied rigid rack and screw lever luffing mechanism make sure a constant working state.
Portal crane design and manufacturing standards: Specification for the harbor portal crane (GB/T17495-1998), Safety rules for lifting appliances (GB/T14406-1993); ISO standards, FEMstandards and JIS standards.

Feature of Portal Crane
(1). Quickened the turnover and the operation of loading and unloading.
(2). High working efficiency, compact frame.
(3). Calm movement, comfortable operation, safety and reliable.
(4). Convenience maintenance, nice appearance and so on.
(5). Crane drive: IP54 or IP44, level F insulation.
(6). Especially suitable for the port lifting.
(7). Designed according to your request.Customized Dock Arm Crane
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